Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why don’t I see any coupons in the eblaze app?
A: You must adjust your settings. Open the Menu in the eblaze app, tap “Set Search Radius”, tap “Everywhere”.

Q: Why aren’t there coupons near my location?
A: eblaze is launching in a limited area early in 2014. We will roll out across the United States in late Winter through Summer of 2014.

Q: How do I use the eblaze mobile app?

  • Your phone automatically updates with new offers all the time. Check back frequently to see what’s new.
  • The main screen shows the blazing mobile coupons closest to your location first. Scroll down to see more offers.
  • eblaze updates as you move around. You can always find out what’s closest, wherever you are.
  • Switch your view between Coupons and Retailers in the top panel.
  • Use a mobile coupon by tapping the “Clip It!” button when you’re at the establishment making the offer.
  • Remember! Coupons can be “clipped” only when you’re at or close to the store.
  • Tap “Clip It!” and show your phone to the sales associate when you’re ready to check out.
  • Use the maps throughout eblaze to find locations and plan your shopping adventures!
  • Open the menu to Browse by Category, review Favorite retailers, check your Profile, Blazing Points and more.
  • Looking for something in particular? Use our Search feature! Just enter your item in the search box on the Browse Coupons screen.

Q: How do I find coupons that match my interests?
A: Use the Search feature by opening the Coupons screen. Near the top, you’ll see a box where you can enter key words to search eblaze. Another great way to find coupons is Browse By Category, which you’ll find in the menu.

Q: How do I earn Blazing Points? How many points do I earn?
A: Currently, you earn 1 point for each coupon redeemed at an establishment participating in the eblaze network. Coming soon, we will award points for other things like sharing the app and coupons with your friends and family.

Q: What can I do with my Blazing Points?
A: We are currently building a system for using your points. Within the next few months, our apps will update with Rewards for using your points. All the points you earn during the interim will be preserved.

Q: How can I check my Blazing Points total?
A: Open the Menu in the eblaze app, and tap on “Blazing Points”. Your point total will be displayed.

Q: What is an eblaze Promotion Code?
A: Coming soon, eblaze will start distributing Promotion Codes which your friends and family can use when they download the eblaze app and complete registration. This will give you Blazing Points!

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